Key ingredients for successful employee onboarding

Hiring a new team member is always exciting but it also comes with a plethora of ‘to dos’ to tick off before their first day. From sorting out equipment to preparing a desk, to set them up on email and systems, to drawing up the contract and completing countless bits of paperwork – the list feels endless.

Consequently, a welcome to the team message can feel like one of the lesser priorities on the mountain of ‘to dos’ but don’t underestimate its importance. It can be challenging for start-ups to hire smart, tech-savvy talent so it’s increasingly important that when they do find a new member of the team that they give them the best possible onboarding experience. 

With some handy tips below and an easy lift and use template, this ‘to do’ will be ticked off in no time!


A warm welcome

A welcome aboard message is a great way to start a new relationship with a new employee. There’s nothing easy about starting a new job – it’s likely the new employee will be nervous, wondering about first impressions, what their boss will be like and whether they’ll fit in with their colleagues.

A friendly and comforting welcome aboard message can promote self-confidence in your new employee and reassure them they made the right decision in accepting the role. It will send a message that you’re organised, ready for their arrival and value making them feel like a welcomed member of the team. It will likely help them settle into the role faster – the more relaxed and secure a new hire feels, the more successful and productive their first day and week will be (not to mention the heightened likelihood of ongoing retention and results).


The key ingredients

Who does what, when? Here are the key ingredients and responsibilities for achieving effective employee onboarding:

  • Message sender: Their new manager 
  • When should it be sent: Just after the employee has accepted the job offer
  • Goal: Make the new employee feel welcome, excited and motivated to start their new role
  • Details to include: Start date, time of arrival, where to go when you arrive, what to wear, what to bring (e.g. passport, bank account details, and any other paperwork)
  • Attachments: Employee paperwork, benefits plan and/or company policies


A handy template

Still unsure where to start? This welcome to the team template is easily adaptable and will steer you towards a successful welcome.

Subject: Welcome to the team! 

 Dear <employee name>,

I was pleased to hear that you accepted the position with our company and that you’ll be joining us on <start date>. Welcome aboard! 

Please bring your <passport> and <bank details> with you on your first day so that we can complete the final pieces of paperwork. Please come to <reception> at <time>, you’ll be meeting with <HR> first and then <we’ll have a team welcome> later on in the morning. 

We have a robust induction schedule set up to allow you to get immersed in the company and the team. You’ll also be having some one-on-one training with me for the first couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and getting your input. Don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me if you have any questions before your first day.


<manager name>


XYZ Company

Mobile phone #


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