Ribit Match Profile: Mark and Erin @ Yarno

From ski slopes to North Sydney

Let’s take a moment to backtrack to where it all started – several metres above a Japanese ski slope (naturally). Yarno Founders Mark and Lachy psyched up on the chairlifts by brainstorming an idea for a continuous learning platform which would deploy daily quizzes to test and reinforce employee knowledge – trivial pursuit for corporate learning.

After eighteen months of evolution, it was time to recruit new talent in the form of an Inbound Marketing Intern to help the brand develop some serious content ammo to complement their product.

Recruiting through Ribit

After hearing word of Ribit through fellow Ribit employer alumni, Seatfrog, Mark “popped up a profile and away we went”.

Following Ribit’s straightforward job posting process, Yarno became our only employer to create a description which listed an interest in TV comedies (including Arrested Development and The Office) as part of the selection criteria.

This was alongside more conventional requirements including sophisticated research and great written and verbal communications.

Final year UTS International Business student, Erin, was notified of the role through Ribit’s matching algorithm.

Liking what she saw, and deciding she had the creativity to slot right into this quirky brand, Erin promptly applied for her first ever Ribit job.

Then was culled due to a single spelling error* within her application.

Game over? Not quite.

Proving it’s not the setback but how you handle it, Erin took ownership of her mistake by firing off a friendly email thanking Yarno for their consideration and feedback.

Mark and Lachy were impressed and Erin was thrust back into the running, starting out in a one day/week role which rapidly morphed into a full time position.

Onwards and upwards

These days Erin continues to create beautiful content for Yarno’s slick corporate blog.

However, working in a startup isn’t a single track learning curve. On her first day, Erin was thrust into helping wireframe a new dashboard before participating in a client meeting. Then plenty more client meetings.

And how’s she going these days?

“Well, she’s still here…”, says Mark.

“Seriously though, Erin is a huge part of the team who’s not only taken over the marketing and social media operations, but also designer briefings and providing significant contributions from the outset to strategy discussions and client engagement.”

This is only the beginning.

“We’re looking to commercialise next year and are keen to use Ribit again down the track”.

*Footnote: The word was “intrigued”.