SAS Australia joins public Ribit Marketplace.

SAS Australia has announced that it is joining the public Ribit marketplace, which gives SAS Australia’s customers access to thousands of early-stage talent from various disciplines.

The partnership began with a pilot in 2017 when CSIRO’s Data 61 division developed Ribit. Since 2019, SAS Australia has operated a private Ribit marketplace to provide an exclusive marketplace for its customers to access students, interns and graduates with data science, AI, Machine Learning and analytics skills. As part of SAS’s growing global Talent Connection program, SAS Australia has now joined the public marketplace, where there are 46,000 registered students and graduates ready for career opportunities across Business, IT, Marketing and Engineering. Equally, students benefiting from the SAS Global Academic program are now connected to a network of over 3,800 employers. 

“We really admire SAS’s commitment, as a private company, to helping to develop and connect talent to industry,” said Ribit CEO – Owen Firth. “They have been able to utilise our private marketplace model to do this efficiently for the past three years and will now enjoy the scale benefits of the growing public Ribit marketplace.” 

The Ribit platform offers businesses direct interaction with candidates and unparalleled visibility into each candidate’s skillset via an easy-to-use user interface.

“SAS is extremely pleased to join the public Ribit marketplace and continue to play a key role in connecting students and academia with industry. Ribit’s public marketplace is central to this network, providing thousands of students with AI, analytics, and data science skills with career opportunities with some of Australia’s most innovative employers,” said Ian Edwards, Head of Academic Outreach for SAS Australia and New Zealand. 

An example of how SAS uses Ribit to connect graduates with some of the country’s biggest employers can be seen in how Westpac has used the SAS Workforce Connection Program and Ribit to identify graduates to work in their financial crime detection area of the bank. 

SAS is just one of many companies that have seen success on Ribit and continue to use our platform as their go-to source for quality talent.

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