New map matches people’s and job’s personality traits

A recent study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, maps out the ‘personalities’ of around 3,500 jobs. It found different professions attract people with very different psychological characteristics. 

This research was a collaborative paper between Ribit’s research lead, Paul McCarthy, and researchers Peggy Kern from University of Melbourne and Marian-Andrei Riziou from University of Technology, Sydney; and also former Ribit intern Deep Chakrabarty.

The research used a variety of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics approaches to create a data-driven Vocation Compass — a recommendation system that finds the career that is a good fit with our personality. The study looked at 100,000 data points and linked them to personality traits and values that characterise jobs – and how they align with your own.

Ribit co-author Paul McCarthy hopes that people will realise that jobs are more like dating, where there are in fact a number of roles ideally suited for everyone.

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