Meet the Team: Emily

Sometimes you stumble across some top-notch individuals.¬† We’re pretty excited to find a whole team of them within Ribit ūüėČ Today’s “recipient” of the Content Team’s love and affection is our resident marketing machine, indigenous cadet and Queen of the office; Emily!

What was your first job?
Box office ticket sales at Ticketmaster.
Who doesn’t love a little (or a lot) of musical theatre?


Your current job?
Ribit Intern/Cadet
MAC or PC?
Where and what did/do you study?
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Marketing & Media at Macquarie University
Years/Months/Days/Seconds since last coffee?
‚ÄčApproximately 6hrs, 45mins, &¬†27 seconds since my last sip,¬†but¬†hey who’s counting? (hint: it’s me… I’m counting)
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Marketing and public relations guru with answers and solutions for every business crisis ever known
You’re stranded on an island and you’re allowed 3 items for entertainment, what are they?
Can my answer include unlimited¬†wifi, my¬†laptop, and my chihuahua Mia?¬†‚Äč