Career Kickstart: February Jobs Review

There’s no better feeling than that new job feeling! Check out some of February’s hand plucked opportunities.

Hearoes: Brisbane, QLD

Hearoes believes that learning sounds should be fun, engaging and accessible. We’ve developed a digital auditory training platform which focuses on recipients’ outcomes and on-going support.

Job(s) on offer: Looking for talented tech wiz to help with programming mini-activities and database structure within our new exciting app.

We’ve got a basic prototype of our app and have been receiving great feedback, and now have a clearer understanding of what interactive activities are useful. We need someone to help tweak some of the mini-activities and modules as well as program some new mini-games from blueprints and have certain data from the games stored in an already established firebase database.

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PnBSoft: Sydney, NSW

PnBSoft is an IT consulting company with our own development and design team, focused on innovative projects backed by exciting visions and ideas.

Job(s) on offer: Developer/Game for Mobile

We need a developer to code very simple mobile fighter game: 9 very simple characters (no need to draw sophisticated graphics, 3-step kick is very fine, if you do not feel creative, it can be drawn for you), each has four fight ‘weapons’ or ‘actions’ and two reactions on opponent’s weapons. In game fighters take turns, so multi touch handling is not required. Each player has ‘life’ line, it decreases with harm from weapons. One special character never can win, and one win always. Background is static, each player has 10 seconds to act. More detailed description is available on the interview. Only development skills are required, all the content will be provided. It can be written in any language you want: for iOS or for Android (preferably both\cross platform) Please contact only if you are confident you can code this in one week. Great experience, amazing team, coffee-cookies, office space(if needed), good payment for work AND part of the future profit guaranteed. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Atalgo: Sydney, NSW

Atalgo Consulting is the consulting and professional services arm of Atalgo. We are a Sydney based technology consulting startup operating in DevOps/Test Automation/AI/Machine Learning space. We are experiencing growth and are looking for passionate people who can be part of the teams success. For more information, please visit our website:


Job(s) on offer: Junior Software Developer with Strong Java/Backend Skills


Atalgo is looking for an accomplished and passionate coder who can assist us in technology consulting as well as development of our intelligent enterprise DevOps solution, EDO. Ideal candidate will be/have

  1. Strong coding skills in Back-end Java (Java EE/Spring/Hibernate)
  2. Understanding and working knowledge of database (MySQL/Mongodb, Posgres is a plus)
  3. Deep understanding of data structures and algorithm
  4. Must be comfortable with AWS SDK
  5. At least one scripting language (preferably Python)
  6. Can work in a team
  7. Quick learner, flexible to work on many solutions at the same time
  8. Excellent communication skills and professionalism

Nice to have –

  1. Use of any of the following APIs is a plus – git, Artifactory, Jira, Confluence, Ansible
  2. Experience in building recommendation systems (college projects count)
  3. Neural networks and deep learning experience

This role is ideal for recent grads to 1-2 years of exp in industry.

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Rideworx: Wollongong, NSW

Rideworx is world renowned as the go to manufacturer for motorcycle hand & lever protection. Our driving force has always been powered by passionate motorcycle riders.

If innovation and a hunger for motorcycles is in your DNA, we want you!

We are looking for an energetic, recent Industrial/Product Design GRADUATE who is ready to join our creative minded team to help develop accessories for the world motorcycle market.

The successful applicant must be a motorcycle enthusiast, with a strong work ethic, have a high attention to detail, confidence in their ability to handle a range of tasks and be able to meet deadlines.

Job(s) on offer: Industrial/Product Designer – Graduate

In this role you will be responsible for a range of tasks, including but not limited to: Develop creative concepts in response to a brief to meet market needs, show innovative product idea through concept sketches, create renderings and model prototypes for presentation or testing, create CAD files for manufacturing of products, liaise with local and offshore manufacturers, and assist with developing an end-to-end production process of new products.

Design Skills and Experience: Recent Industrial/Product Design, University Degree qualification;
Demonstrable skillsets and high proficiency in hand sketching product ideas, rendering, 2D and 3D CAD modelling, and prototyping;
Knowledge of manufacturing materials and processes;
Understanding the product development lifecycle;
Ability to identify and overcome design and development obstacles;
Working knowledge of all phases of development from concept through to production;
Knowledge and ability with 3D printing is essential;
Model-making skills will be highly regarded; and Photography and graphic design skills would also be desirable.

This role is perfect for a candidate with:
Excellent organisation, communication and time management skills;
A technical and analytical mind with a hands-on approach;
An openness to innovative ideas and to be flexible with change;
An ability to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously;
An openness to learn and develop, as well as ability to work within a team environment; and
Passion for, and knowledge of, motorcycles including current motorcycle industry trends.

The position is for an initial 12-MONTH FULL-TIME CONTRACT located in Wollongong, NSW with the opportunity of a permanent position thereafter. New GRADUATES are encouraged to apply.

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Karma: Canberra, ACT

Karma is a social movement and an online platform. Members use the platform to write open letters to the people who have positively impacted their lives, and letter recipients are invited to join the movement and ‘pay it forward’ by writing a letter about someone else. The company is founded by brothers Clyde and Dayne Rathbone and Monish Parajuli.

We believe that the internet and social networks are incredibly powerful and useful technologies, but they have been used to divide and distract us. We believe in the potential for Karma to massively disrupt and improve how people connect online. The platform ( is currently in beta and undergoing a significant evolution as we prepare for launch in late 2018.

Job(s) on offer: UX/UI Junior Designer

We’re looking to recruit a junior designer with a passion for UX/UI web design. Our platform is currently in beta and undergoing a significant pivot. We’re updating our comms, branding, look and feel, and building a set of new features. We’re looking to work with a designer who can help us with all or some of these changes.

Our team is strongest in UX, and weakest in UI, branding, and ‘look and feel’. Ideal candidate is based in Canberra, available immediately, and has some experience in web design. However, we welcome applications from all interested designers. Remuneration (cash and equity) is negotiable.

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Inspiring Rare Birds: Sydney, NSW

When one woman travelled around to schools in Australia in 2013 and asked young girls what they thought an entrepreneur was, the majority of them had no idea. The very few that did answered, “a man”. Walking away from that determined to create change and opportunity for women in entrepreneurship; Jo Burston was that one woman, and now the Founder of Rare Birds.


Job(s) on offer: Internship program

The Rare Birds internship program is best suited to candidates who are studying, between jobs, considering an industry change or just keen to learn new skills in a fast-paced startup environment with the following areas of industry application.

The Rare Birds internship program works best when it is a full-time role for one full calendar month, working alongside the core team in Sydney CBD office. This gives candidates a realistic view of full-time work within a fast paced business.

We have capacity for only two interns per month. We can also accept one-day per week interns but full-time will receive preference.

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Human Super: Sydney, NSW

Human Super are a financial technology start-up, launching a super fund, specifically crafted for women and their differing super needs. Currently, women retire with 48% less superannuation than men, yet they often live longer requiring more super. Human Super believes there is huge scope within the superannuation industry for helping to close this gap. We are passionate about educating, empowering and equalising the super playing field for women. Our fund also believes in the power of Ethical Investments, allowing our members to make sure their investments count towards a fairer and more ethical future. Join us and press for real progress. For more information, please visit our website:


Job(s) on offer:

Marketing Guru/Content Writer

We are a financial technology startup, preparing to launch within the next few months. We are seeking a passionate content writer to work with our Content Manager in generating blogs / delivering on marketing goals aligned with social media. Content needs to be professionally written and candidate must have sound grammar and syntax capabilities. The content direction will be delivered by our Content Manager and will generally centre around educating women around superannuation and financial security. Being a young brand, we have a fresh take on this material and are seeking someone who shares this value.


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Tech Wiz: Website Migration Expert

We are a financial technology start-up, preparing to launch. Part of our premise as a company is to offer a superannuation fund with useful tools for the modern contributor. We are working on some new, innovative tools that will be both web and mobile accessible. We need a talented developer to build these tools. Some of the tools are already available in demo mode but others will be being developed from scratch so there is a opportunity to work across a great scope of development work.


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