Career Kickstart: 7 Data Driven Companies Hiring Now

Think Inc: Sydney

Think Inc. is a young, Australia-based initiative dedicated to reinvigorating the excitement of rational discourse in daily conversation. Through engaging events with leading world-class intellectuals, we deliver content that is both rigorous and refreshing both for interested members of the public, and those with professional involvements in a variety of sciences and humanities. Our goal is to bridge the gap and amplify the dialogue between inquisitive members of the public and those making significant strides in their academic and professional scientific fields. We strive to bring to the Australian public the best and brightest members of the global intellectual community for a continuing series of lectures and Q&A sessions.

Role on offer: Research Assistant

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HIVERY: Sydney

HIVERY is a fast-growing artificial intelligence company based in Sydney. Our team of data scientists apply machine learning and sophisticated optimization techniques to develop simple-to-use solutions for optimal business outcomes. We are currently seeking a Machine Learning / Deep Learning intern to join our amazing team and help grow our SaaS-based applications as we expand our presence globally.

Role on offer: Data Scientist

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ToukanLabs: Canberra

We are a growing company and group of software developers working in a casual and relaxed environment. Our company has multiple cross disciplinary teams which you will interact with on a daily basis. This is a junior role and as such we are keen to train and provide you with all skills necessary to work here.

Role on offer: Junior Software Developer

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Opturion Pty Ltd: Melbourne

Opturion is building and delivering intelligent decision support systems that are truly transformative. We combine big data analytics, cloud and mobile technology to create value for our customers in transport, health, mobile workforce and production scheduling. Our customers are looking for easy-to-use, (apparently) simple solutions to very complex problems. Opturion is working with customers in services and manufacturing, helping them make better plans, operate more efficiently and provide better customer service. Opturion is the only commercial provider of truly 21st century optimisation technology which is fast becoming recognised as the new benchmark in the industry. The company collaborates with research groups in Melbourne and Monash Universities to ensure that its technology remains leading edge.

Role on Offer: Maths/Computer Science

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Centered Around You Pty Ltd: Sydney

Get To Sleep Easy is a social enterprise fighting the most common cause of hospitalisation in the world – falls! We’re developing the first ever Walking Frame which comes TO YOU, as well as a $200 alternative to the hospital bed!

Our long term vision is to develop a hospital bed which reduces rates of common complications in hospitals which take hundreds of thousands of lives and costs billions to our economy, every year! Plus, we have many other diversified income streams, and all profits will be diverted towards effective charities and research!

Role on offer: Marketing Intern

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SocietyOne: Sydney

SocietyOne is Australia’s first and largest lending marketplace. Founded in 2011, we are radically changing the landscape of financial services in Australia having gone from a standing start to providing more than $400 million in loans to customers. Having won multiple awards for innovation and customer service we are looking ahead to the future of lending in Australia.
We are a customer-focused organisation and our mission is to provide a better deal for borrowers and lenders – one magic funding moment at a time!

Role on offer: Backend Developer

We are seeking a passionate developer to join the SocietyOne team to help maintain and develop some core systems. These core systems are critical to the day-to-day operations at SocietyOne. We are looking for someone who is keen to learn and has a solid understanding of core development principles.

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Rocketvault: Sydney

Rocketvault is a crypto trading service company in pre-launch mode. Rocketvault is looking for NodeJS dev to join our crypto trading team. Must have project experience with API integration and NoSQL databases.

Role on offer: Developer

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