Inspiring women to pursue a career in STEM

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Each for Equal’.
On March 8 and all-year-round there is an increasing global focus on celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility while calling out inequality. At Ribit we are passionate about highlighting the benefits of inspiring women to explore education and careers in ESTEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).

Change involves us all

One of the major obstacles to women entering STEM fields is gender stereotyping. If women are going to achieve an equal footing in these high-income, high-demand fields, everyone from parents to educators needs to help young girls and women achieve their STEM dreams.

Studies have shown that most people have cognitive biases that math is for boys and arts is for girls, even though they may not be fully aware of it. Breaking down these barriers head-on is the only way we can create a cultural change and one of the most powerful ways is changing the way we talk about women in technology and engineering as well as through our actions of support and encouragement.  Many companies are leading the charge to support volunteer groups organised by their employees that encourage and recognise the importance of supporting women in STEM. 

At Nine Digital Publishing, we know that diversity makes teams stronger and more resilient, raises fresh perspectives and helps to avoid groupthink. We want to encourage more girls and women to pursue rewarding careers in Information Technology, and ensure women working in the industry are supported to advance in their career.” Louisa Veidelis Mobile Apps Manager, Nine Digital Publishing.

Encouraging girls in their STEM curiosity

Throughout history, many women have made huge contributions to science and technology and to encourage more we need to inspire and support women and show them what they can achieve in their career.

At Ribit we have spoken to hundreds of young women at universities, TAFE and other tertiary institutions across Australia about their career aspirations. Most of them are looking for a strong sense of purpose and work environments that share their values, are collaborative and rewarding. Many need encouragement to step up and share their ideas to realise their potential to become leaders in their chosen field of expertise.

Eva Cheng, Deputy Director of UTS Women in Engineering and IT who is passionate about technology with social impact and humanitarian engineering says: “We all use and encounter STEM every day, but if our teams and workplace cultures aren’t representative and inclusive of the greater population, who are we really designing technologies and creating career opportunities for? Our program’s vision is to create and lead social change so that study and career journeys in Engineering and IT are not limited by gender. This change involves us all!”

Supporting female students at Shine & Rise

At Ribit we continue to support International Women’s Day and this year is no exception.  Our Shine & Rise event, to be held on March 9th in Sydney, is hosted in partnership with Nine Digital, Women in Technology and UTS, Women in Engineering and IT.

Shine and Rise is an empowering networking session where students meet inspiring mentors who can help guide their way on the day and beyond. With over 20 mentors and 75 students registered to attend, this speed mentoring event brings people together for face to face conversations and provides a wonderful opportunity to learn from experienced industry professionals and benefit from their insights.

This year we are pleased to announce our two guest speakers and we are thrilled with anticipation to hear their own personal journeys. Here is a glimpse of the real treat that’s in store.

Naby Mariyam / Founder and CEO of CoverHero
Naby is UTS alumni and spent 14 years in academia before switching to entrepreneurship to focus on her side-hustle. Learning to pitch for the first time to appear on Shark Tank, getting to the finals then pivoting the business to launch her first startup Rydhero, Naby is also a mum who loves salsa dancing and poetry. Naby travelled the world pitching to over 300 investors, 6 said yes, and now as Founder and CEO of CoverHero, she is mentoring other women and giving back to the community the valuable lessons and insights from her own journey and experiences.

Maddie Mackey / Junior Software Engineers, Nine Digital Publishing
Maddie is a recent UTS graduate working at Nine as a junior software engineer on 9Now TV apps. In addition to taking on technical challenges at work, she is hands-on in her quest working towards greater diversity and inclusion in tech. She tutors and inspires kids and teenagers learning to code with the Girls’ Programming Network and NCSS, and presented at Hopper Down Under in 2019. is a free to use online marketplace that connects businesses to student talent. With a focus on STEM and entrepreneurship, Ribit is committed to putting talent where it’s needed to enable industry to innovate and grow, while also helping students gain a successful and rewarding experience to further their careers.