Ending the year with a bang – Stone & Chalk and Ribit’s Fintern Fever

What a buzz! On Wednesday, leaders of the Financial Tech industry met the ‘future generation of the fintech industry’ at our sixth Fintern Fever.

There was no doubt, students were keen for jobs, as Stone & Chalk, Australia’s leading independent fintech hub, filled with over 140 students. At the event, some of Sydney’s best student talent had the chance to connect with over 25 employers from the Stone & Chalk community.

But as with all Ribit events, there was more to earn than jobs. The bustling crowd was joined by four fantastic industry mentors and our very own pitch doctor, Annette. With a career spanning over 25 years in technology, marketing and innovation practice, Annette is no stranger to the industry, nor pitching.

We were excited to be joined by Alex Scandurra, CEO of Stone & Chalk, who started the networking sessions off with an inspirational speech that really got the energy going. Looking over the crowd, Alex said, ‘I’m looking to you as the future generation of the fintech industry’.

The attending students were diversely skilled in admin, business, creative design, marketing and tech and ready to meet their potential future employers. To match, there were some equally amazing job opportunities on the cards, including roles as software developers, data scientists and digital marketers.

We were blown away by the energy and excitement of the attending students as they networked and connected with industry, mentors and one another. As Alex said, the attending students are the future of the Fintern industry and we can’t wait to see these blooming careers unfold.

A massive thank you to our good friends at Stone & Chalk for the continued support and helping organise our Fintern Fever events!

Click here to check out the photos from the day. 

There was no doubt, students were keen for jobs, as Stone & Chalk, Australia's leading independent fintech hub, filled...

Posted by Ribit on Thursday, 6 December 2018